Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm connecting up with Shannon again from Life After I Dew for another 

So What Wednesday


-I encouraged my husband to go to a friends last night, there is no way I would be able to watch Bachelor Pad with him around.  (Totally wasn't worth it)

-I'm letting my toddler eat a pop tart.  It's our last summer morning together.

-I'm a bit sad that I'm going to have to start sharing the TV with my Husbo, I love having total domination of it during vacation.

-I'm still trying to get my child 'into' TV.  Momma wants some down time.

-I 'braved the storm' for some Pumpkinhead Ale, it was SO worth it.

-I plan on treating myself to some Pumpkin Spice Coffee on my first day of school, nothing says fall like some hot Dunkins Coffee.

-A little bit of me is looking back to going to work.

-I am the one that consistently leaves the vehicles on little to no gas.  Whoops.

-The reason I'm truly excited for my birthday is to have a guilt free date night.

-I let my kid attack all my animals, within reason, it gives them character.

-Words with Friends is my new favorite obsession.

-My new weekend project is to devise a way to not let my toddler repeatedly turn off the DVR.

That's my So What Wednesday, Link up and join us!

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