Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mickey Mouse Club, How I love thee...

This is very new to us.

TV watching.

Now this is not new to mommy, heck mommy could spend all day watching reruns of project runway and any other reality TV show that dominates my DVR at any given time.

No, no.... this is TV watching for my son.

He actually sat still on my lap (not even a bottle) to sit and watch the entire Mickey Mouse Club...... introduction. 
Yet I'm not discouraged.  This is a baby step for us.  One in which Mommy is, dare I say, very excited about.

My kid doesn't sit still, ..... E.V.E.R.
This is one bad habit I am happy about starting.
In fact, I don't feel one ounce of Mom Guilt about it... (How Bad is that).

I can't even imagine the joy I will feel the day he sits still for an ENTIRE episode.

This is our Saturday Morning Scene, what are you up to?

Saturday Morning Scene


Christina said...

LOL! Oh yes It's glorious when they sit through an entire episode ;)

Jessica said...

haha so cute! My best friend's daughter is getting really interested in tv now and sometimes it's the only thing that will calm her down!

Hailey said...

Yeah, I was so the mom that said "no tv" before he was born. Now? I NEED Curious George to occupy him just for 15 minutes, so I can do some laundry or dishes or just sit for 15 minutes myself. lol.