Monday, August 22, 2011

My Goodwill Love Affair

I hit it good at the thrift store yesterday.

I love thrift shopping, it's something I've been doing since childhood.

This week I splurged a bit, meaning I spent more than 30 dollars there, which is a rarity for me.

It's my birthday in September, so 'splurging' at the thrift store has become kind of a birthday right of passage for me.  I have to show off some of my goodies.  Now keep in mind I had a toddler with me on a very short fuse, so it was a short lived shopping trip.  He was literally shouting in the changing room because he figured out how to create an echo.  Very entertaining for him, mind numbing for me.

So right as I enter I always hit the shoe section first as those are easiest to go through, and honestly I get anxious that someone else it going to snatch up my great find.

I found three pairs of keepers this trip.

One for the baby, and two for myself.            Momma loves her shoes...

 A great little pair of Stride Rites!  Yayyyy... Perfect for Harrison to grow into, and at only 2.99, affordable!

Also, meandered over to baby clothing, I don't go there a lot because H has tons and tons of hand-me-downs and doesn't need one more article of clothing, but I often find great jackets there.

 Point in case, Baby gap jean jacket.   How cute for fall.  1.99   Heck yes.

Now for me.  I snatched up two pairs of flats.  One black, one shiny sliver.  Perfect for teaching, I can't wear any heels anymore in my classroom.  Not only am I getting old, but I'm sick of getting paint on them. 
 (Lets be honest, my feet ache at the end of a day  I'm. Getting. Old.)

At about 4.99 each, I sucked it up and got these. These are to replace my other pair of trusty black flats, don't know about  you guys but mine get nasty, due to not wearing socks.  Yuck.

I then wandered on over to the clothing area, and scored myself a pair of skinny blue jeans (not pictured because they were worn asap), black skinny jeans, black dress pants, and beige dress pants.  All for 2.50 each.  Boo ya.  I love myself the half off color days, I only look for the half off color tags when I go through the aisle.  Also, a green and red spotted button up shirt.   It's a bit funky, husband just cringes when looking at it.

Lastly, my FULL price item.  A whopping 9.99 for a dress.  Something I ordinarily do NOT do.  But, like I said it is my birthday coming up, plus I have a fall wedding to go to the day after my birthday, and figured the color was perfect.  Brand new with tags, another big Boo Yah!

Also Has some pretty lace neck detail.  Don't mind my unbrushed hippy hair.

Brand new with tags, best kind of thrift store find.

So in doing this post, I was clearly bragging about my finds, how I was so excited I found so many awesome steals and wanted to show it off.  Well Karma got me.

You know those amazing shoes I was talking about for my son.  In the process of taking pictures of them I noticed something a little funny.

Not only are they TWO different sizes, but they are BOTH right foot shoes.  Sighhhhh.....

At least they were only three bucks.

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Jessa said...

I love Goodwill! For a long time it was the only way I could even afford to buy clothes and now it's just the way I try and shop! Great buys!!