Thursday, August 11, 2011

Balance and the Internet.

I feel as if the two don't go together.   Or perhaps motherhood and the internet 

I have become a passing blogger, and 'tweeter?'...

It comes in Phases, most often when my son allows it, where I can go on the computer for a prolonged period of time to type something up that has some kind of meaning.

 I feel as if twitter must have been created just for moms, who only have a small passing moment to post something.
   Where no one really cares if it makes sense.

Which leads to the fact that I've had a lot on my plate lately. 

A husband who is doing lots of side work ... which equals me being a stay at home mommy...

A son who has decided he wants to push me to my wits end, each and every day...

An alternative craft fair I'm taking part of in November...

My home which we've decided to continue renovating...and so it begins, living in a construction zone. AGAIN.

Me thinking it was a good idea to do 'limited internet' through Verizon  (via tablet trying to save a buck) versus unlimited, which has made me watch how much time I spend on the internet.  Ughhh... BAD decision.

Anddd.......My desire to be outside enjoying every moment of this gorgeous weather.

           I think I need to take a moment to define my form of  "Enjoying" has become since child.

                Enjoying the outdoors with a one year old 

 Not allowing my son to pick up or eat gross objects including:
         Dog poop
         Dead crickets
        Dead animal gifts from my cats
         Rocks, sand, grass, enter any various object here that can fit in a mouth.

Chasing said child around yard with magazine in hand, my new form of lounging around in the yard.

Setting up and breaking down his backyard each day with the ridiculous amounts of toys necessary to keep him occupied for maybe 10 minutes.

Lathering him, and ultimately myself with 10000 spf in waterproof lotion so we're both slippery all day.

Which leads back to chasing said child around, the lotion only makes things more 'fun'.

Emptying, washing, and refilling water table/pool, and dealing with all the lovely bugs that accumulate.

Trying to include some form of a nape so I can sit on my butt for more than two minutes.

Am I missing anything mommies?

Now, the hubby has the baby in a fluke moment this week so I'm going to continue to lay on my porch with Sex and the City reruns on tv... A Cold beverage next to me...

  All the while looking forward to a work meeting tonight to just get away and enjoy a Margarita without having to worry if my kid is throwing food at the next table.

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