Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's that time again.

Yup.   It's that time.   

Time to continue renovations.  


We had put a major pause on fixing up our house with major projects after the baby was born.  We just figured that after two years of major construction, ALL THE TIME, that we'd give ourselves and the baby a break for a little bit.  

We just barely finished the babies room and did a temporary fix on our spare room upstairs before Harrison was born.  Now I'm getting the itch to get upstairs, DONE.  Like 100 % totally and complementary done.  

We did a temporary fix with carpet that was being removed from my in laws.   In retrospect, who does that?   Who takes used carpet......... oh us.  We do.  The disgusting ones over here.   To give us some credit it was in good shape, in fact, it was refreshing to have one space of our house carpeted.

Please note the disgusting state of the floors.  
Can't believe I'm showing everyone the state of our house.  To our credit this is our messy room.  It has tons of scrap fabric pieces due to the fact that it was my old 'studio/craft space', and that I'm too lazy to vacuum   

So this spare room is a joke of a spare room.  It has become the animals bedroom, which I find gross.  I'm sick of layers of cat hair on the bed where I'm supposed to invite guests to stay, it's embarrassing quite frankly.
Our Mega Sized Cat Bed.   

Carpet + No Baseboard = Superb Craftsmanship

When we first moved it it was a massive closet for me.  It was incredible, but it wasn't heated that first winter.  Talk about freezing your ass off after a shower in the dead of a New England weather, brrrrr. 

Brand spankin new windows, and HEAT.

  Hallelujah HEAT!   We used to have those old guillotine windows which were a nightmare, and clearly had no baseboard heat before.
It took a lot of work, and a lot of money to get the other three rooms to a point of where we're happy with them and now is time for the finishing touches on this room.


We have a lovely shared closet between the nursery and the spare room.  I swear, people who built houses a hundred years ago did not believe in closets.  We had to build our only modern closet into our Master Bedroom.  I also use the term 'Master' lightly.

 Lastly, the space between the two rooms.  Baby, and Spare.  This shows the old flooring that was underneath.  The new flooring that will be going into the spare room, and the stunning green carpet that will be going curbside. 

Now all I need to do is get hubby motivated this weekend to actually begin and we'll be one step closer to being done.  Thank the renovation gods.

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