Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday. Morning. Scene.

I'm a bit sad about my Saturday Morning Scene today.  Katie from Loves of Life is not doing a linky party this weekend, however I decided to post my scene anyways, due to my need to vent.

Yesterday, my hand-me-down dishwasher finally died.

I mourned it a bit more than I expected.  I hate doing dishes by hand.

This dishwasher failure has made me grumpy, verrrrryyy grumpy........with the Husbo off doing all these side jobs it's going to be down to me to do all the wash.   Yuck.  (Lets be honest I can't remember the last time He did the dishes anyways)

In the meantime I'm scouring Craigslist and Lowes to find a dishwasher that will make do, and won't break the bank.

In the process of sorting through Craigslist ads I ended up having a conversation with a... ummmm........    unique  pleasant individual. 

In our 5 minute conversation this woman must have yawned, I kid you not, 15 times.   Now, I apologized for waking her (at 9 am), yet she responded that she's been up since 7.  

It was just one of those conversations/moments where I questioned what I was getting myself into, and if I was in fact going to be a dreaded No-Show because I didn't want to go to this persons home.

I'm risking it, a free dishwasher is worth it.

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