Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm connecting up with Shannon again from Life After I Dew for another 

So What Wednesday


-I encouraged my husband to go to a friends last night, there is no way I would be able to watch Bachelor Pad with him around.  (Totally wasn't worth it)

-I'm letting my toddler eat a pop tart.  It's our last summer morning together.

-I'm a bit sad that I'm going to have to start sharing the TV with my Husbo, I love having total domination of it during vacation.

-I'm still trying to get my child 'into' TV.  Momma wants some down time.

-I 'braved the storm' for some Pumpkinhead Ale, it was SO worth it.

-I plan on treating myself to some Pumpkin Spice Coffee on my first day of school, nothing says fall like some hot Dunkins Coffee.

-A little bit of me is looking back to going to work.

-I am the one that consistently leaves the vehicles on little to no gas.  Whoops.

-The reason I'm truly excited for my birthday is to have a guilt free date night.

-I let my kid attack all my animals, within reason, it gives them character.

-Words with Friends is my new favorite obsession.

-My new weekend project is to devise a way to not let my toddler repeatedly turn off the DVR.

That's my So What Wednesday, Link up and join us!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Make Yourself Monday

Good Morning Monday....   My last Monday off with my H bug for the summer, boo.

I've decided to take part in Make Yourself Monday with Jamie from For Love Of Cupcakes.


As an art teacher I'm always looking for unique and different ways to dress and adorn myself.

I've recently decided to take part in an Alternative Craft Fair to show my artwork and my goods off.   In hopes to sell something.

I've been really into these canvas bags as of late....

Purse on a String

They are perfect to throw my keys into, my credit card, my blackberry, and a snack for my rambunctious toddler.  This is the perfect alternative to a full size purse, which has become bulky to me as of late while doing quick errands.  I need my hands empty to stop my hurricane toddler from destroying the store.

I also discovered this clutch at my new found love, Hobby Lobby.

Clutch Purse

It's simple, it's natural, and it has leopard print inside.  That was a surprise to me when opening it, I didn't read the description to well obviously.

So I've been taking these items and making them my own.  I've been using my first one day in day out, and am in LOVE.  I throw the small purse inside my big purse on days where I feel like using one of my many large bags. 

Small purse with original hand drawn art   
This is one of the smaller purses that I happen to use day to day.

Small purse with original hand drawn art
This is the larger size one, about 6in x 9in.

Small purse with original hand drawn art
A close up of one of my 'small' purses.

Small purse with original hand drawn art
Yet another small purse.

Now I kind of fell in love with this one and am debating whether I should add some color in small spots.  I love that when you close the clutch all you can see are a couple of curls if you want to mellow the look down.

 Artsy Clutch with Womans Face
Artsy Clutch with Womans Face Artsy Clutch with Womans Face
Artsy Clutch with Womans Face

As an art teacher I do create work of my own as well.  So naturally I put some in my Etsy shop.
Painting of a Lonely Lady

As well as a drawing in ink.

Original "Sad Face" Art Piece on Canvas

Now I do all the typical fabric flower headbands, flower bobby pins, and pins like many of us bloggers out there as well.

I also dabble in doing inappropriate onesies for babies.  I loved putting my son in these... my husband hated it.  Which made it that much more fun.

So I do a little here, do a little there, and you can find most of it over at my website on Etsy... 

Or you can contact me through my Facebook page at

I'm going to be participating in a couple of giveaways very soon including one of my own fabric flower headbands, and BasicH2 an organic cleaner from Andrea.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday. Morning. Scene.

I'm a bit sad about my Saturday Morning Scene today.  Katie from Loves of Life is not doing a linky party this weekend, however I decided to post my scene anyways, due to my need to vent.

Yesterday, my hand-me-down dishwasher finally died.

I mourned it a bit more than I expected.  I hate doing dishes by hand.

This dishwasher failure has made me grumpy, verrrrryyy grumpy........with the Husbo off doing all these side jobs it's going to be down to me to do all the wash.   Yuck.  (Lets be honest I can't remember the last time He did the dishes anyways)

In the meantime I'm scouring Craigslist and Lowes to find a dishwasher that will make do, and won't break the bank.

In the process of sorting through Craigslist ads I ended up having a conversation with a... ummmm........    unique  pleasant individual. 

In our 5 minute conversation this woman must have yawned, I kid you not, 15 times.   Now, I apologized for waking her (at 9 am), yet she responded that she's been up since 7.  

It was just one of those conversations/moments where I questioned what I was getting myself into, and if I was in fact going to be a dreaded No-Show because I didn't want to go to this persons home.

I'm risking it, a free dishwasher is worth it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's that time again.

Yup.   It's that time.   

Time to continue renovations.  


We had put a major pause on fixing up our house with major projects after the baby was born.  We just figured that after two years of major construction, ALL THE TIME, that we'd give ourselves and the baby a break for a little bit.  

We just barely finished the babies room and did a temporary fix on our spare room upstairs before Harrison was born.  Now I'm getting the itch to get upstairs, DONE.  Like 100 % totally and complementary done.  

We did a temporary fix with carpet that was being removed from my in laws.   In retrospect, who does that?   Who takes used carpet......... oh us.  We do.  The disgusting ones over here.   To give us some credit it was in good shape, in fact, it was refreshing to have one space of our house carpeted.

Please note the disgusting state of the floors.  
Can't believe I'm showing everyone the state of our house.  To our credit this is our messy room.  It has tons of scrap fabric pieces due to the fact that it was my old 'studio/craft space', and that I'm too lazy to vacuum   

So this spare room is a joke of a spare room.  It has become the animals bedroom, which I find gross.  I'm sick of layers of cat hair on the bed where I'm supposed to invite guests to stay, it's embarrassing quite frankly.
Our Mega Sized Cat Bed.   

Carpet + No Baseboard = Superb Craftsmanship

When we first moved it it was a massive closet for me.  It was incredible, but it wasn't heated that first winter.  Talk about freezing your ass off after a shower in the dead of a New England weather, brrrrr. 

Brand spankin new windows, and HEAT.

  Hallelujah HEAT!   We used to have those old guillotine windows which were a nightmare, and clearly had no baseboard heat before.
It took a lot of work, and a lot of money to get the other three rooms to a point of where we're happy with them and now is time for the finishing touches on this room.


We have a lovely shared closet between the nursery and the spare room.  I swear, people who built houses a hundred years ago did not believe in closets.  We had to build our only modern closet into our Master Bedroom.  I also use the term 'Master' lightly.

 Lastly, the space between the two rooms.  Baby, and Spare.  This shows the old flooring that was underneath.  The new flooring that will be going into the spare room, and the stunning green carpet that will be going curbside. 

Now all I need to do is get hubby motivated this weekend to actually begin and we'll be one step closer to being done.  Thank the renovation gods.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's my first Wednesday linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew".....

So what if I walk around my backyard with a nursing bra on.  It counts as a sports bra because it's a racer back.

So what if I've started making lunches for my husband, the last week of summer vacation, to only relieve myself of guilt for not doing it the entire time.

So what if I mailed my side of the family's thank you cards out first, if I'm the only one writing them I get to pick priority.

So what if I leave my sons high chair pad-less for a week, at least I'm finally making an attempt to get the month old spaghetti stains out.

So what if I just wipe a bottle off that fell on the ground.   Enough said certain family members...

So what if I'm excited to go back to work.  This Momma could NEVER be a SAHM.

So what if I decide that YES, we are in fact going to use my homemade laundry detergent contrary to what husband wants because I'm pulling the wife card.

Speaking of wife card...

So what if in the past I've always helped with the dog.  I'm DEFINITELY pulling it out when she has liquid diarrhea all over the house.

So what if I totally bombed at trying to make my own sushi, just having an excuse to eat massive amounts of cream cheese made me happy.


So what if I force my child to stay in his crib until he sleeps or stays quiet at 'nap' time.  I absolutely refuse to let him get down to one nap a day.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Goodwill Love Affair

I hit it good at the thrift store yesterday.

I love thrift shopping, it's something I've been doing since childhood.

This week I splurged a bit, meaning I spent more than 30 dollars there, which is a rarity for me.

It's my birthday in September, so 'splurging' at the thrift store has become kind of a birthday right of passage for me.  I have to show off some of my goodies.  Now keep in mind I had a toddler with me on a very short fuse, so it was a short lived shopping trip.  He was literally shouting in the changing room because he figured out how to create an echo.  Very entertaining for him, mind numbing for me.

So right as I enter I always hit the shoe section first as those are easiest to go through, and honestly I get anxious that someone else it going to snatch up my great find.

I found three pairs of keepers this trip.

One for the baby, and two for myself.            Momma loves her shoes...

 A great little pair of Stride Rites!  Yayyyy... Perfect for Harrison to grow into, and at only 2.99, affordable!

Also, meandered over to baby clothing, I don't go there a lot because H has tons and tons of hand-me-downs and doesn't need one more article of clothing, but I often find great jackets there.

 Point in case, Baby gap jean jacket.   How cute for fall.  1.99   Heck yes.

Now for me.  I snatched up two pairs of flats.  One black, one shiny sliver.  Perfect for teaching, I can't wear any heels anymore in my classroom.  Not only am I getting old, but I'm sick of getting paint on them. 
 (Lets be honest, my feet ache at the end of a day  I'm. Getting. Old.)

At about 4.99 each, I sucked it up and got these. These are to replace my other pair of trusty black flats, don't know about  you guys but mine get nasty, due to not wearing socks.  Yuck.

I then wandered on over to the clothing area, and scored myself a pair of skinny blue jeans (not pictured because they were worn asap), black skinny jeans, black dress pants, and beige dress pants.  All for 2.50 each.  Boo ya.  I love myself the half off color days, I only look for the half off color tags when I go through the aisle.  Also, a green and red spotted button up shirt.   It's a bit funky, husband just cringes when looking at it.

Lastly, my FULL price item.  A whopping 9.99 for a dress.  Something I ordinarily do NOT do.  But, like I said it is my birthday coming up, plus I have a fall wedding to go to the day after my birthday, and figured the color was perfect.  Brand new with tags, another big Boo Yah!

Also Has some pretty lace neck detail.  Don't mind my unbrushed hippy hair.

Brand new with tags, best kind of thrift store find.

So in doing this post, I was clearly bragging about my finds, how I was so excited I found so many awesome steals and wanted to show it off.  Well Karma got me.

You know those amazing shoes I was talking about for my son.  In the process of taking pictures of them I noticed something a little funny.

Not only are they TWO different sizes, but they are BOTH right foot shoes.  Sighhhhh.....

At least they were only three bucks.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mickey Mouse Club, How I love thee...

This is very new to us.

TV watching.

Now this is not new to mommy, heck mommy could spend all day watching reruns of project runway and any other reality TV show that dominates my DVR at any given time.

No, no.... this is TV watching for my son.

He actually sat still on my lap (not even a bottle) to sit and watch the entire Mickey Mouse Club...... introduction. 
Yet I'm not discouraged.  This is a baby step for us.  One in which Mommy is, dare I say, very excited about.

My kid doesn't sit still, ..... E.V.E.R.
This is one bad habit I am happy about starting.
In fact, I don't feel one ounce of Mom Guilt about it... (How Bad is that).

I can't even imagine the joy I will feel the day he sits still for an ENTIRE episode.

This is our Saturday Morning Scene, what are you up to?

Saturday Morning Scene

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad Mommy Week

This has been my worst week as a Mom, Ever.

I wanted to yell at my kid.

He's only 14 months.

What the Hell is wrong with me.

Harrison is my love, my life, but there are times when he becomes the bane of my existence.   Ok, I'm being dramatic but he's become a fussy baby as of late, pulling on my shorts, whining, or throwing a tantrum if not picked up.   He also does hardcore tantrums as well, where he cries so hard that he turns blue, and passes out.   Every time this happens I end up crying myself with my now exhausted toddler on my shoulder whimpering.

As I type this post my son runs up to me just to give me a kiss.   Ahhhh the guilt!

This week has been out of the ordinary, the husband has been gone a lot, making me a SAHM.
Making me realize I have no desire to be at home all day long all year long.  I just couldn't do it if I wanted to stay sane.

Which also makes me realize I have an amazing job.  I'm home just long enough in the summer time, school vacations, snow days, etc... to get glimpses of stay at home mommyhood, with just enough time at work to get me out of the house.

Going into my fifth year teaching art means that I'm finally starting to get a hang of my job.   Well maybe not the hang of things....... I've gotten better at getting things done more efficiently.  So that I can leave my job and be 'done' for the day at 2:50 to go pick up my wild man.


Sometimes I find myself deep in the sucky trenches that motherhood can be at times and I have to realize that this too shall pass.     That I need to Take a moment, take a breath, and  take a step away to relax.

I was in shock and bewilderment the other day at the park.  I was chasing my son around with my mother, double teaming him on the equipment when I started paying attention to all the other mothers at the park with a child about the same age as mine.    The majority of them were all quite visibly pregnant.

All I could think was no F... ing way.   NO WAY!
Then, I think about my mother who was getting pregnant right now with my younger brother.
 (and also remember the part of the story where she starting crying when she found out she was pregnant).

Don't get me wrong, I want another.
I crave this, the itty bittyness of a small smushy baby. 

Just not until I drag myself out of this trench.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Balance and the Internet.

I feel as if the two don't go together.   Or perhaps motherhood and the internet 

I have become a passing blogger, and 'tweeter?'...

It comes in Phases, most often when my son allows it, where I can go on the computer for a prolonged period of time to type something up that has some kind of meaning.

 I feel as if twitter must have been created just for moms, who only have a small passing moment to post something.
   Where no one really cares if it makes sense.

Which leads to the fact that I've had a lot on my plate lately. 

A husband who is doing lots of side work ... which equals me being a stay at home mommy...

A son who has decided he wants to push me to my wits end, each and every day...

An alternative craft fair I'm taking part of in November...

My home which we've decided to continue renovating...and so it begins, living in a construction zone. AGAIN.

Me thinking it was a good idea to do 'limited internet' through Verizon  (via tablet trying to save a buck) versus unlimited, which has made me watch how much time I spend on the internet.  Ughhh... BAD decision.

Anddd.......My desire to be outside enjoying every moment of this gorgeous weather.

           I think I need to take a moment to define my form of  "Enjoying" has become since child.

                Enjoying the outdoors with a one year old 

 Not allowing my son to pick up or eat gross objects including:
         Dog poop
         Dead crickets
        Dead animal gifts from my cats
         Rocks, sand, grass, enter any various object here that can fit in a mouth.

Chasing said child around yard with magazine in hand, my new form of lounging around in the yard.

Setting up and breaking down his backyard each day with the ridiculous amounts of toys necessary to keep him occupied for maybe 10 minutes.

Lathering him, and ultimately myself with 10000 spf in waterproof lotion so we're both slippery all day.

Which leads back to chasing said child around, the lotion only makes things more 'fun'.

Emptying, washing, and refilling water table/pool, and dealing with all the lovely bugs that accumulate.

Trying to include some form of a nape so I can sit on my butt for more than two minutes.

Am I missing anything mommies?

Now, the hubby has the baby in a fluke moment this week so I'm going to continue to lay on my porch with Sex and the City reruns on tv... A Cold beverage next to me...

  All the while looking forward to a work meeting tonight to just get away and enjoy a Margarita without having to worry if my kid is throwing food at the next table.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sleep Sleep Sleep, apparently that's all I blog about....

I know sleep comes and goes throughout motherhood.

But DEAR GOD, when will I get it again!!!!!

Clearly I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown due to my sons lack of consistent sleep.  Is it crazy of me to think that perhaps my 13 month old son might start sleeping through the night??  Is that a totally off the wall thought.

I feel terrible, I feel horrible, but most of all.....I feel jealous of all those other moms out there who have a great sleeper.

Just last night, he fell asleep at 6:45 for the night,...... in parts because he didn't have a good afternoon nap, it was a car nap that lasted 20 minutes if that.

(Which in looking back, my lack of consistency with nap time may be a big big factor in all these sleep issues)

He then woke at least three times before 10 with stirring.

Fast forward to Hubby and I being asleep in bed.

We brought Harrison in bed with us because it was soooo hot out.  AC is in our room only so he slept between us.

He woke another two times from 11 to 3 in the morning.  I, being too lazy, decided it was just 'easier' to put a water filled bottle in his mouth.  He falls right back asleep with that.

I'm just prolonging bottles, and making it harder for myself later.  I know.   But, I want sleep now.

So.... the Hubby gets up for work and sure enough the baby gets up too.  At 5:30 am.

What. Is. Going. On.


So my baby boy that was on the verge of sleeping through the night only two or so months ago has now regressed to newborn stage.




Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach Day with a Toddler...

Harrison and I went out with some friends yesterday to the lake.

We had a blast!   Even with nap times a bit off, and rain showers at the end of the day... my little man still did amazing.

Now of course, I relied on a couple of things to ensure that this day would go smoothly.

First off,  I packed my essentials.

-Around 12 bottles/sippy cups to ensure variety, and that when one drops in the sand I have another available immediately.

- "The Cage"  this thing has become a mind saver.  If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen a couple of picture posts involving me inside of said 'cage' with my son.  It makes him happy, which makes me happy.
     Plus, sitting inside of it with him takes some of the mommy guilt away.  Part of me feels bad I use it the other part says ... Hallelujah!!!

-  Radio Flyer wagon.  This was a baby shower gift that I've now put to lots of use.  PERFECT for dragging sheets, chair, cooler, and Heck... yes ... BABY all down to the beach.      (Wish I had gotten a picture of that.  Harrison piled in with all our beach junk)

- Snacks, Snacks, and more Snacks... because of course he doesn't want anything I've brought, he wants everything your friends have.  Thank goodness for generous mommy friends who understand.

- Cloth diapers.   Now, I went on a little cloth diaper break, and I've gotten back into them since I've been home.   They've been amazing, and work 12,982 times better than those stupid swim diapers that they just pee right through anyways.  The cloths.... termed affectionately 'clothies' by me.... slide perfect under a swimsuit and hold pee a bit better... and much better if I use the plastic liner.

So if I put all these together correctly, and the hour on the clock hits that magic spot...

I get a sleeping baby in the shade in his amazing "baby  cage"  (I need a better name for my trusted friend, a more affectionate term...)  and I get a very happy mommy on the beach getting to flip through a beach classic, Cosmo.

Thanks Cosmo for the 50 Sex Tips...
   That is now a section I pass through with little to lets be honest, No interest.  Sorry Cosmo...

Ahhhhhh..... A relaxed..... Mommy.   Brings me back to the days where I was able to read a full page only once.
Not three times over.... and still having no idea what I just read because I was interrupted 20 times by a toddler eating sand, rocks, bugs, or yanking at my magazine wanting to eat that.

So relaxing time quickly came to an end when the thunder rolled on in.
Packed the baby up.

Gave him a container I was bringing back to Wallyworld, one of those cylinders with the powdered sugar flavor packets inside, because I figured the rattling noise would entertain him.

It did.

Surprisingly so.

Almost half way into the car ride I smell this super sweet smell.


Pull over to discover this ...  ..  little cutie.

He and his carseat was covered with the red powder.  He looked like the joker.

Worst part about it I had promised hubby I would stop into the store to pick up dinner.

.... Definitely had to bring him in looking like that, baby wipes only went so far.

Just another day in the life with an active toddler, and a spacey mommy.