Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Karma is a B....

It’s because I said it aloud.    (Note Bud light cans in background....classsssyy)

I totally jinxed myself.   My kid was up multiple times last night, and by multiple I mean at least four.   This is crazy!   I thought by a year old someone would be getting sleep.

I was right on some parts, the husband can sleep through anything.

It’s just so frustrating, he gets up and cries differently than just a whine, it’s a genuine upset cry.   Part of me thinks he’s having nightmares?   To be that upset but be able to go back to sleep, clearly not hungry then.

Aghhhh…. I guess I’ll sleep one day?

Summer vacation has started and as always I love it.   I absolutely love my job, a job where I can become a SAHM for pieces of time, but yet still have a chance to be part of the professional world.

One of my goals for this summer is to really get my butt in gear and get some things done for the craft fair I’m going to be part of this coming November.   I’m going to be doing hairpieces, my typical ‘sad face’ drawings as Husbands friends would peg them, and I’m going to just in general keep creating more art.

My art has gone by the wayside, obviously as infants are ridiculously time consuming.   Harrison is at the point now where even in trying to write this blog post he’s hanging off my legs, whining, and trying to rip all the keys off my laptop.

Maybe he’s a little tired from the lack of sleep he got last night??

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My heart is full

I'm at a good spot.  The wedding is over, the baby shower is over.  So happy to be carefree and take day by day with my son.   To be honest I'm thinking I could do the whole stay at home mom gig.....

Ha  ya let's just see how this summer goes.

Up to Lake Winni tomorrow....

On a short note.  Have a new found respect for my husband.  He literally helped our son through his constipation.   T.M.i.   But our son was so clogged up Craig  ahhhhhh....aided him I'm getting himself relieved.  

What a good daddy.  

I literally walked into the aftermath scene that a gagging daddy couldn't handle.

It's crazy what will make you fall more in love with your husband because my heart melted a little bit when he told me what he had to do today.

What an amazing da da.

Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Suds | Yellow Brick Home

This is something that I NEED to try, it looks amazing and super cheap, exactly my kind of thing!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Showers and a Wedding

I personally invested 10 times more DIY time with my best girlfriends baby shower than I did my own wedding.  I couldn't even tell you why.  I was excited to get married, but on the large scale, (110 people) I think it became almost intimidating to do anything DIY. 

The pressure, which was probably created by myself, got to me.  I'm an art teacher.  We're supposed to be creative. 

And I am, on most accounts.

But I had a brain freeze when it came to the wedding, and a COST freeze too. 

Things are expensive.

Especially fun vintage, things.  

Needless to say I got much more into planning my best girlfriends much smaller scale baby shower.   She found a wallpaper pattern she fell in love with and I took off from there.

I did bird seed heart shaped favors and took it a step further.  I hand stamped the paper bag it goes in, and decided it would be cute to clothespin it shut.  Well, why not go even further and make felt birds and add details to it with fabric paint.  

Ok... why not take it even further, spray paint branches, make felt birds to put on there, put birdseed in the vase to keep the branches sturdy, and heck ... look cute.

So I decided one more thing today and decided to make little flower pins to give to each person as well. 

I'm Done.   D. O. N. E.     .... DONE.    

Now just to finish that diaper cake I started.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I love these lazy days with my kiddo.  Just hanging and relaxing before daddy wakes up.  He's currently shaking his booty to his music table, where this kid gets his dance moves from, I don't know.

Harrison has had quite the obsession with his animals from birth, and for the most part they've wanted nothing to do with him, of course there is the exception though.  Boots, our adopted from a friend cat, has a special love for Harrison and deals with the babies abuse very well.   In fact I've watched the cat on multiple occasions specifally lay right next to Harrison in hopes to get tackled by him.   When I say tackled I mean it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm liking this set up.

I've finally set up my little corner of our household for my 'techie' stuff.  Husband, I just love saying that, has zero to very very little interest in anything internet or technology wise.   Which is perfect for me so I can just take everything over.   I've done my space over, have a little nook in what has now morphed into Harrisons play area, and I can start what I've been feeling this true urge to do.   Write.

This has been something I've been doing my entire life in one way shape or form.  I love to document, so I can look back in time and know what I was doing that day.  I used to keep a journal in jr. high, was obsessively detailed with my agenda in high school.  College I tried my hand at the LiveJournal, and such.  I only dabbled a little bit there.   My sketchbook became my sense of journaling.

There have been a couple years post college where I didn't write as much as I wish I had.   I did moments of writing, a page or two on significant moments that occurred.   Buying the house, finding out I was pregnant, etc....

I've been such a closet blog stalker that I feel as if I know some bloggers out there, that obviously have no idea who I am.   Twitter has become a way for me to put my name out there, well face (avatar?), and I'm avidly looking forward to figuring out HTML so I can personalize my page.  The blank, and boring format is killing me as an art teacher.   I have to figure out a little DIY and start my hand at that.   Should ask my computer programming brother, but I think I'm keeping my family out of my blogging world for a while at least.   It's nice to use it to socialize anonymously for a while, and maybe as i get more comfortable I'll put myself out there more.   We shall see.

Until then I'll leave you with a picture of our wedding.  The classic cheeseball shot every bride/groom are forced to take.

(I admit it, it looks pretty romantic and cheesy)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Change of a name

I shouldn't be so upset about a name change.  I knew this right from the very beginning I'd change it.   As the day nears it hits me more and more I will going by an entirely different name.

My name is my identity.  I'm so proud of it I had it tattood  on my left wristfor this very reason.

I am happy however, to share the same last name as my amazing hubby, and beautiful son.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

9:30 & Shaking the headboard...

Why are you up my son?  Seriously, it's 9:30.  So cute though, I don't mind. 

Another check off my list

That much closer to being done planning and actually being married! 

All most done.

So close.

5 days and I'm chucking that blue notebook that's plagued me for months. 


I consider myself a fairly calm person but seriously kid, as if driving back and forth on your four wheeler endlessly wasn't obnoxious've now brought a whistle into the mix.

Dog is not happy about it.

Hubby is not happy about it.

I'm taking multiple deep breathes. 

Sighhhh....   So much for a serene Sunday.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Traditional + Me?

I never ever thought I was going to go traditional with anything wedding related.  Things changed.

A lot.

Supposed to be an outdoor wedding.

That changed.

Supposed to be one friend standing with us.

That changed.

Supposed to be only two.

That changed.

Ok for and now thats it!!

That changed two days ago.

Six guys up there to my four.  I find weddings become more about pleasing everyone else.  Enter big sigh here.  It's just easier than getting people upset.

Mind you I'm getting married this friday.  June 10th.

I'm going more' traditional' decor-wise but hey,  it is what it is.