Friday, February 21, 2014

Back again?

Back on the Bloggy train.  My how things have changed.  My sweet family welcomed another joyous boy into our clan.  My last cryptic post was regarding the news we found out we were pregnant.   

Thomas and Harrison have become the joys of our lives.  It is amazing seeing two brothers play, and love on one another.

Grad School is over, HURRAH!   I officially hold my masters of arts in teaching.  I am grateful it is over now as I would never have the time to do it now with two active boys.  It was hard enough to finish with a three year old and two week for my last six week course.

Harrison has grown, his vocabulary has expanded, and motherhood has become harder.   How simple it was with one child, and how complex it has become with two.

Balance, and Patience have become my center focus as I seem to have little of both.  
 Sweet Thomas is almost walking at 11 months old, and he truly brings such sweetness to our lives.

 Harrison has entered the 'terrible threes' but man is he cute as ever!

To a renewed focus!

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