Friday, February 28, 2014

Work at Home?

I am a teacher, therefore there are periods of the year in which I have extra time on my hands.   Recently I've had a lot more freed up time as I'm done doing work for my Masters program.     Enter huge sigh of relief.

That free time, while it may not be a lot, it is still time I would like to consider productive.   I recently delved into the world of article writing.   So far I've written six articles for a fantastic website all based on education.

This has given us a bit of extra money to put towards the random things that come up around the house.   These articles are based on my full time job, teaching art.

 I've also been looking into other ways to make a bit of extra cash on the side and have found myself addicted to Varagesale.   Buying and selling things around the house for the boys has become a little hobby of mine.  

The other day I found 8 pairs of pants, and 8 shirts that fit H for five bucks!  What a deal, especially for a little boy who just destroys clothes.  

Keeping myself at home with the boys, while generating extra income is ideal.  The blogosphere has many great ideas, yet I find myself worrying about the legitimacy of these opportunities as many of them are scams.

Someone has to stick around to wrangle these little monsters!  Have any of you found legitimate ways to boost your income while at home?

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