Monday, February 24, 2014

February Vacation

The boys and I have started our February vacation.  Up early, 5:30 to just have a quiet moment for me.  
I've mentally checked a couple of things off my checklist.   Laundry, paint touch up's in the hallway, paint touch ups on a desk, and vacuuming.

I am thankful Tom is becoming a bit more independent so I can get these things done, yet it is bittersweet as I long to be trapped under that infant again.    Don't get me wrong, I most definitely take advantage of the occasional dual nap.  We almost had a successful one today, but the dog barked waking Thomas.   I guess it was better off as I was watching some trash television anyways.  Catching up with the first Teen Mom's Farrah....  Eeeeep.  

A couple snaps from today...

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