Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life with two sons.

Harrison has always been true and blue 'boy'.  Ever since he was little he loved trains, loved sports, and is obsessed with his Daddy.
Harrison man.

It still startled me when Thomas became such a 'boy' so early on.   I remember posting an Instagram video of them when Tom was around 4 or 5 months and he was giggling and laughing with joy when big bro was trying to roll around and tumble with him.

Fast forward a couple months and Tom is almost one, Harrison is 3.5 and they have become obsessed with one another.  My  momma heart loves this.  However, no matter how often I watch it is still surprised me to see how early boys play rough.  I will look over and find the two of them pig piling on one another, and rolling around on the carpet.   

Look at those rolls!
Tom thinks it's great, Harrison is having a blast, and I'm happy they're happy.  Especially because it give me a couple moments of Mommy time.   

As I write my post I'm watching sweet Tom making cringe beautiful music by bashing a toy screwdriver on a coffee can, and the oldest is sitting among a pile of matchbox cars and construction equipment.

Tom was so small., and H had short hair.
Growing up I was surrounded by much of the same toys as I had a younger brother.  But, there was always a Barbie or doll infused with the play.  My matchbox cars had to stop at the grocery store on the way back from their police chase.  I have storage containers full of my old stuff, dress up clothes and cabbage patch galore.   Perhaps it's time to purge.

In the mean time, another post cut short as I must stop Harrison from chucking a ball at his little brother.  Ohhh Brother.

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