Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So What Wednesday

I'm here linking up to Shannon from Life After I Dew with another So What Wednesday.

   (PS Shannon I love your SWW's, don't get rid of them!)

So here goes...

So What.....

-If I felt like not being the adult and acting like a child today at school when I found a student had deliberately put a tack on my chair.  (Really?  My feelings were more hurt than anything, I didn't sit on it.)

-If I really look forward to the lazy nights on the couch with my husband, after H has gone down to bed.  Sweet, sweet, silence.

-If I only scrub my shower when those little pink dots start to show up.

-If those pink dots have started growing up my shower curtain.  Can't believe I'm admitting that,  Gross!

- If I took some pleasure from the compliments my students gave to me.  Nothing like a kindergartner telling me I'm pretty.

- That I take full advantage of being an art teacher, and wear clothing with paint already on it to school.

- If I have ancient sippy cups lodged far under my car seat. It's so cold I can't smell them, so I leave them there instead of digging them out.  Again, Gross! 

- I'd rather sit here typing than do the four baskets of laundry that have been accumulating all week.

So there it is.  My disgusting So What's of the week.  


Heather said...

Nothing beats compliments from Kindergartners! Lucky lady :0)

Ashley said...

So pure, so honest. Luckily this was a kind one, as they aren't always so nice. :)