Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The snow finally came.

It was about time.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting a snow day/delay, anything to stay snuggled up in bed with Harrison.

H and I are currently enjoying our second delay of the school year.  I’m half watching the ridiculous Kardashians, while Harrison terrorizes his cats and dog. 

Last week the snow came and our district was one of the only ones that didn’t cancel, so I packed the feisty toddler up in his gear, trekked my way across town to drop him at care.  Then I  proceeded to almost get myself in an accident when my car slid into an intersection.

Became irrationally upset with the superintendent of schools for not cancelling the day, and continued to blame my almost car wreck all on him.

But all was worth it when we came home and let H-man experience snow for the second time this year.

PICT0009-5                PICT0048-4

Lets just say that toddlers + snow = lots of frustrations on their part.  He couldn’t take two steps without falling, and having a hard time getting up.  So we resorted to this…

PICT0029-5  PICT0030-5

PICT0043-4        PICT0044-4


Sweet Harrison wanted to rip those mittens right off.  Loved having a ‘snowball’ fight with momma and dadda.

It was a short lived excursion outside but worth it for all the sweet pictures.  PICT0045-4

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Kendra said...

haha, how adorable! I've been waiting for snow here in Virginia too, but none has been kind enough to stick yet :/ And I kinda get stucked in to watching the Kardashians too.... shh. don't tell my husband!