Monday, January 16, 2012

Messy Mom Monday

I’m linking up today with Katie from Loves of Life, Brittany from Living in the Moment , and Jess from  Dudes and Sweets. for Messy Mom Monday. 

I’m very fortunate to have today off, and in turn I’ve let my toddler destroy my house.
I feel like I’m in a constant battle with my entire home with cleanliness. 
Toddlers don’t help.  All I do is clean up after him.
Between the laundry, a picture that I won’t even post on the internet.  (Our laundry room is located in our old dark basement, that is currently being used as my studio too.)
The dishes, Sippy cup overload with all their bits and pieces. The twelve plates I use throughout the day to try and attempt to feed my temperamental eater.
The cabinets, that I just freshly painted today, because they were covered with chocolate milk splatter, grubby fingerprints…
The bathtub has been over taken with squishy letters, rubber ducky's, and the random objects (this week it’s paintbrushes) that Harrison insists he bring in the bath.
2011-11-27_18-13-41  2011-11-27_18-12-43
My car.  Oh my poor, poor car.  Cheerios, goldfish, pretzels, and a couple of lost sippies that I am sure are trash worthy.
But my biggest problem is the toys. 
The obscene amounts of toys one toddler accumulates is Insane.
Oh and the pictures that have only been sitting on the couch since Christmas ready to be hung.  Husband and I can’t make any decisions, so there the artwork lies.
Our solution to this problem was to put his toys on our three season porch.  This has turned into a poor decision because it is –2 outside and it’s called 3 season for a reason.  So, poor H wants to go out there to get his toys but mean mommy says no.  So we compromise, and allow H to bring his toys in.  We started with just a couple at a time, which rapidly morphed into this disaster of a living space.

The toys seem to steadily crawl outside of the living room, into the kitchen, and all the way around to the stairs.  Notice all my opened freshly painted cabinets, it was a very productive 2 hour nap day.
I vaguely remember the days where it was only me and the husband to look after, but it seems so long ago. 
So very very long ago.
2011-11-16 18.07.50


Jess said...

Your living room looks like mine does. I swear toys mate at night and reproduce multiples.

Thanks for linking up!

Tamika said...

I always said downstairs toys stay downstairs - but somehow they migrate. without even trying....

Brittany Ann said...

All I have is a 7 month old, and the toys are already out of control on our living room floor, too. I swear, whoever develops a self-cleaning toy system would be a rich person!