Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mommy only weekend.

The husband is going to be gone tonight for my little brothers bachelor party. 

A little bit of me is excited.  I’m looking forward to a little bit of mommy and Harrison alone time.  OK, Ok, more like momma alone time.

After that sweet sweet bedtime hour, the house is going to be mine. 

All mine.


Maybe I’ll enjoy a bit of this,    

With some uninterrupted perusing of this 

With this in hand


Maybe I’ll actually stick to my goals and do some more posts and preschedule them?

More than likely I’ll end up reading blog upon blog, and become obsessed with yet another blogging Momma out there.

To be able to read that other mommas out there are going through the same exact thing that I am with my toddler is incredibly refreshing. Talking to my coworkers about their children that were born within days of my son always ends with me leaving the conversation worried about my child's development.  Because their children are, of course, perfect and spouting off hundreds of words at 19 months. 

That’s where real life blogging mommies come in. 

They reassure me that those moms aren’t like all mommies out there.

I love that I can share via twitter that my 19 month old has a decent vocabulary but that his favorite words to use are “Oh, Shit”.  And heck, I get a laugh out of it not judgment.

The blogging world has made me feel better about myself as a mother when I’ve worried that I was screwing my child up by making him CIO.  Thank you BabeChilla for this great post.


So tonight I look forward to reaffirming my mommy choices, wine in hand, body on couch.., with this sweet boy tucked tight in bed..


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