Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Karma is a B....

It’s because I said it aloud.    (Note Bud light cans in background....classsssyy)

I totally jinxed myself.   My kid was up multiple times last night, and by multiple I mean at least four.   This is crazy!   I thought by a year old someone would be getting sleep.

I was right on some parts, the husband can sleep through anything.

It’s just so frustrating, he gets up and cries differently than just a whine, it’s a genuine upset cry.   Part of me thinks he’s having nightmares?   To be that upset but be able to go back to sleep, clearly not hungry then.

Aghhhh…. I guess I’ll sleep one day?

Summer vacation has started and as always I love it.   I absolutely love my job, a job where I can become a SAHM for pieces of time, but yet still have a chance to be part of the professional world.

One of my goals for this summer is to really get my butt in gear and get some things done for the craft fair I’m going to be part of this coming November.   I’m going to be doing hairpieces, my typical ‘sad face’ drawings as Husbands friends would peg them, and I’m going to just in general keep creating more art.

My art has gone by the wayside, obviously as infants are ridiculously time consuming.   Harrison is at the point now where even in trying to write this blog post he’s hanging off my legs, whining, and trying to rip all the keys off my laptop.

Maybe he’s a little tired from the lack of sleep he got last night??

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