Monday, July 4, 2011


So I had written out a whole fantastic post from the lake house, about my secret twitter obsession and then bloggeroid decided to not post it and Lose the entire thing.

Damn Galaxy Tab, all I've had is trouble from you from the very beginning!

Essentially I wrote about where I've been spending a lot of online time lately, Twitter.    I've been meeting a lot of funny cool people, and finding out many woman have the same trains of thought as I do.

The thing about my twitter obsession is that I keep it secret.  Hubby knows I'm on twitter now, but doesn't even know what it is.   Hell, he just got on Facebook four months ago ( a whole other story in itself).

I find myself posting the things to twitter that pop into my mind and that I wouldn't post to Facebook because I would become that ridiculous over poster that everyone ends up blocking.

Needless to say I've really liked becoming a part of this new community in Twitter land and hope to extend this to the blogging world too.

Which is also something I've kept a secret as well.

My brother follows me on Twitter, I've thought about blocking him to some of my information.

Is that possible?

For me right now I'd rather stay 'anonymous', even though I've posted my face, my sons face, and my husbands face all over the internet.

I'm just not ready to let the family in yet.

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