Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Showers and a Wedding

I personally invested 10 times more DIY time with my best girlfriends baby shower than I did my own wedding.  I couldn't even tell you why.  I was excited to get married, but on the large scale, (110 people) I think it became almost intimidating to do anything DIY. 

The pressure, which was probably created by myself, got to me.  I'm an art teacher.  We're supposed to be creative. 

And I am, on most accounts.

But I had a brain freeze when it came to the wedding, and a COST freeze too. 

Things are expensive.

Especially fun vintage, things.  

Needless to say I got much more into planning my best girlfriends much smaller scale baby shower.   She found a wallpaper pattern she fell in love with and I took off from there.

I did bird seed heart shaped favors and took it a step further.  I hand stamped the paper bag it goes in, and decided it would be cute to clothespin it shut.  Well, why not go even further and make felt birds and add details to it with fabric paint.  

Ok... why not take it even further, spray paint branches, make felt birds to put on there, put birdseed in the vase to keep the branches sturdy, and heck ... look cute.

So I decided one more thing today and decided to make little flower pins to give to each person as well. 

I'm Done.   D. O. N. E.     .... DONE.    

Now just to finish that diaper cake I started.

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