Sunday, June 26, 2011

My heart is full

I'm at a good spot.  The wedding is over, the baby shower is over.  So happy to be carefree and take day by day with my son.   To be honest I'm thinking I could do the whole stay at home mom gig.....

Ha  ya let's just see how this summer goes.

Up to Lake Winni tomorrow....

On a short note.  Have a new found respect for my husband.  He literally helped our son through his constipation.   T.M.i.   But our son was so clogged up Craig  ahhhhhh....aided him I'm getting himself relieved.  

What a good daddy.  

I literally walked into the aftermath scene that a gagging daddy couldn't handle.

It's crazy what will make you fall more in love with your husband because my heart melted a little bit when he told me what he had to do today.

What an amazing da da.

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