Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm liking this set up.

I've finally set up my little corner of our household for my 'techie' stuff.  Husband, I just love saying that, has zero to very very little interest in anything internet or technology wise.   Which is perfect for me so I can just take everything over.   I've done my space over, have a little nook in what has now morphed into Harrisons play area, and I can start what I've been feeling this true urge to do.   Write.

This has been something I've been doing my entire life in one way shape or form.  I love to document, so I can look back in time and know what I was doing that day.  I used to keep a journal in jr. high, was obsessively detailed with my agenda in high school.  College I tried my hand at the LiveJournal, and such.  I only dabbled a little bit there.   My sketchbook became my sense of journaling.

There have been a couple years post college where I didn't write as much as I wish I had.   I did moments of writing, a page or two on significant moments that occurred.   Buying the house, finding out I was pregnant, etc....

I've been such a closet blog stalker that I feel as if I know some bloggers out there, that obviously have no idea who I am.   Twitter has become a way for me to put my name out there, well face (avatar?), and I'm avidly looking forward to figuring out HTML so I can personalize my page.  The blank, and boring format is killing me as an art teacher.   I have to figure out a little DIY and start my hand at that.   Should ask my computer programming brother, but I think I'm keeping my family out of my blogging world for a while at least.   It's nice to use it to socialize anonymously for a while, and maybe as i get more comfortable I'll put myself out there more.   We shall see.

Until then I'll leave you with a picture of our wedding.  The classic cheeseball shot every bride/groom are forced to take.

(I admit it, it looks pretty romantic and cheesy)

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