Saturday, May 14, 2011

H man and April Vaca

Now is the time to start writing. I've always written in a journal, and have taken breaks from it in my life.

I just want a written memoir for my son, Harrison to be able to look back on.

Well, an attempts to start blogging. After my first post I discovered I was pregnant! A year and a half later, a ten month old and a little bit of mommyhood under my belt here we are.

The journey from here...
My 5 lb.12 oz little lovebug

To here has been amazing.

My heart.

There's a lot going on in our lives right now.

We're still in the process of updating and renovating our 100 year old house.
A house in which I'm newly committed to. We were flip flopping on whether or not we were going to stay here for another couple of years. Ultimately now is not the time for us to move. So the art teacher in me has to get creative and make the flaws in our house livable.

We're getting married June 10th, 2011.

A day after our sons birthday. We thought it would be cute, and it is. However, it's very stressful.

Now I can understand why people have babies after they're married.

It's easier to plan without having to do a diaper change in between seating charts, and what color table linens to use.

I'm an avid lurker, and reader of other peoples blogs, I've just never jumped on the bandwagon.
I wish I had tracked my pregnancy through blogging, as I've watched so many others do.

I'm excited to start talking about all my interests....

Art - Teaching - Running - Crafting - Gardening - Motherhood - Married life - Weddings

... my guilty pleasures in reality tv, my secret love of naptime (otherwise known as mommy time)

I look forward to input. My best girlfriend is having a baby come August and I'm planning a baby shower for her with an aviary inspiration.

So on to some blog design, while my H naps away!


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